Clearing Negative Energy From Your Home

Creating a cleansing station is a great way to continuously clear the negative energy from your home. A cleansing station attracts the negative energy in your home and cleanses it by transforming it into white light. To create a cleansing station you will need the following items:

1. a mirror

2. a piece of paper

3. a lighted crystal (or a crystal with a light or candle in front of it)

The mirror becomes the cleansing portal for negative energy.  You want to make sure that the mirror is in a position to reflect the lighted crystal. Preferably you want to place the lighted crystal at the front center of the mirror.

To activate your cleansing station you need to write a healing prayer on a piece of paper.  Write a healing prayer such as:  “My intention is that the negative energy go into the mirror and be transformed into white light”.  Once you have written the healing prayer on the piece of paper, place it in front of, or behind the mirror.  As soon as the healing prayer is positioned, it activates the cleansing station.

Now that you have activated your cleansing station, it will work continuously without extra effort.  The healing properties of the cleansing station will begin to filter the negative energy in your home and transform it into white light. Your home should begin to feel lighter and more refreshed.

Watch the video below for more information on creating a cleansing station.


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