What is the difference between a medium, psychic and an intuitive?

What a great crowd we had at the Victory of Light, Psychic Festival in Cincinnati, Ohio!  A number of people were looking to hear from a loved one who had passed away. Some people came seeking to know what their future held. A lot of people wanted a better understanding of why certain things were happening in their life. These people were all seeking readings for very different reasons.

Determining which reading you need can become difficult to navigate at a festival because there are so many booths, readers and options available.  I think in order to get the reading you want, there is one question that needs answered first, “What is the difference between a medium, psychic and intuitive?”

The difference between a medium, psychic and intuitive is that they obtain, process and translate information differently. 

Mediums channel communication from spirit guides, teachers, loved ones and angels.  They then relay the conversations with spirit to the client. Through these messages, from spirit, they are often able to bring peace to those that are grieving a loss of a loved one. A good medium will offer abundant validation that the source of spirit communication is legitimate, this to me is considered “evidential” mediumship.

Psychics work on the psychic plane gathering information from outside themselves.  They then take the information received and interpret it into a message for the client. Psychics have the ability to tap into the past, present and future of their clients. They are often able to help  align your karma so that you don’t have to repeat karmic lessons. A good psychic will offer direct messages that are personal and the translation of the information is clear. (Please remember that the future is ever-changing based on the decisions you make every single day.)

Intuitives have a link between the third eye chakra and heart chakra allowing them to be a neutral observer and energetically read the client. An intuitives information doesn’t come from outside themselves but from a “knowing” within. They are able to report the energetic connections and emotions to issues the client experiences. Intuitives offer insights into possible solutions to issues the client experience.  A good intuitive will be able to offer a healing message that pertains to the client’s situation at hand.

 If you seek information about your past or future, more than likely you would seek a psychic reading. If you want to hear from a loved one or angel, you would seek a medium.  If you want to have insights and guidance to situations, you would seek an intuitive.

It has been said that all mediums are psychic but not all psychics are mediums and intuitives “know” everything. ;)

I hope that this article will help you to find the right reader for you!

See you at the next Victory of Light Festival!

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